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1    Ritter Frederic Louis  The History of Music from the Christian Era to the present time. By D.r Frederic Louis Ritter director of the School of music at Vassar College. Author of «Music in England» «Music in America» etc. Wi... 1883
2    Ritter Frederic Louis  Music in England. New-York, Charles Scribner's Sons. 1883. - in 8°, di pag. VIII-231. 1883
3    Ritter Frederic Louis  Music in America. New-York, Charles Schribner's Sons, 1884. - in 8°, di pag. XIV-423. 1884
4    Ritter Frederic Louis  Manual of Musical History from the epoch of ancient Grece to our present time. - New-York, Charles Scribner's Sons. 1886 - in 8°, di pag. VI-57-4. 1886
5    Ritter F. L. Mus. Doc  Laudamus, A. Hymnal for Women's Colleges and Schools. The Hymns selected by F. R. Kendrick, D. D. - Boston: Copyright, 1887, Oliver Ditson. - in 8°, di pag. 295. Canto e Pianoforte. 1887
Record trovati: 5
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