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1    Salmon Tomaso  An Essay to the advancement of Musick, by casting away the Perplexity of different clefs and uniting all sorts of music Lute, Viol, Violin, Organ, Harpsechord, Voice, etc. in one Universal Character. ... 1672
2    Locke Matthew  Melothesia; or, certain general Rules For Playing upon a Continued-Bass. With a choice collection of lessons for the Harpsicord and Organ, of all Sorts: never before published. The first part. - Londo... 1673
3    Matteis Nicola  The False Consonances of Musick Or Instructions for the playing a true Base upon the Guitarre, with Choice examples and cleare Directions to enable any man in a short time to play all Musicall Ayres. ... 1682
4    Holder William  A Treatise of the Natural Grounds, and Principles of Harmony. By William Holder, D. D. Fellow of the Royal Society, and late Sub-Dean of their Majesties Chappel-Royal. - London, Printed by F. Heptinstall, 1694. - in 12°, di pag. 204. 1694
Record trovati: 4
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